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About our project

Participants: Mika Satomi (artist and designer), Berit Greinke (e-textile researcher and designer), Alex McLean (researcher of live coding and algorithmic patterns), Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez (performance artist), Deva Schubert (freelance choreographer) and Lizzie Wilson (researcher of live coding and AI).

The transmedial project „AI as collective performance” deals with the explainability of algorithms and artificial intelligence and includes a sculptural realization to convey a transparent AI. The goal is to develop a collaborative performance in which the processes behind AI become visible through choreography, interactive textile costumes and live coding. Each person represents a ‘node’ of the network that grows, changes, breaks patterns and creates something new again. In this project, the human body acts as a processor. Here, a choreographer is also a programmer. By translating AI into physical movements, the complex technology becomes tangible.

This project is in a planning and prototyping phase during spring/summer 2021, as part of the LINK masters programme funded by Stiftung Niedersachsen and Volkswagen Stiftung.